Welcome to Our Brewery

We here at Wise Bird lovingly hand-craft our beer in small batches using the finest all natural ingredients. From kettle to bottle our beer is carefully crafted and aged to perfection.

Our Fall Selection of Fine Ales

Golden Ale
- Wonderfully refreshing, light bodied, and slightly floral with a clean finish this year-round classic will please any palate

Hop Ness Monster IPA - A deep red, medium bodied, and heavily hopped ale with hints of burnt caramel and a unique hop bouquet

Mules & Dynamite Original Ale - Well balanced and medium bodied, a cornerstone recipe and a beer with a noteworthy lineage, this ale is dark, distinct and delicious

Harvest Ale - A light amber ale infused with local Yarrow flowers and Rosemary to create a unique bouqet celebrating this autumn season; softly sweet, mildly bitter and woodsy, this beer has excellent character.

Belgian White - True to its style this ale was brewed using coriander, chamomile, orange peel, and nasturtium flowers. Golden, creamy, and delicious, with a crisp refreshing finish, this ale is a perfect partner on these last days of sun and summer.

Extra Special Bitter - Sweet, malty, and never bitter, this beer has a wonderful amber hue and a long finish. Medium bodied, with hints of caramel, vanilla, and toffee this beer is certainly a fine compliment to sweeten the end of anyones day.

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